ASP.NET Maker 2017 is a major upgrade from 2016.x loaded with a bunch of new features:


Modal View/Edit/Update/Add/Copy in List Page

In addition to modal Search and Delete (Inline Delete), now you have options to use modal dialog for View/Edit/Update/Add/Copy page in List page also.






Modal Lookup Dialog for Searching and Selecting from Lookup Table

Option to replace TEXT/RADIO/CHECKBOX/SELECT Edit Tag with a modal lookup dialog which supports searching, paging and option template.



Field Visibility Extension (for registered users only)

Easily set Visible property of field object for different pages or actions. Supports permission by boolean expression, User ID, User Level or combination of them.


Auto Update to Latest Template (for registered users only)

Check and download latest template automatically.



View/Edit/Add/Copy/Delete links in detail table of Master/Detail View

Now the detail grid in Master/Detail View includes links for Add, Copy, Edit, Delete, and View.


Locale Files

  • Locale files for 70 languages
  • Locale settings with date and time separators, date format and time zone by language
  • Locale file editor


New Script Engine by Node.js

  • Faster loading/unloading of large projects
  • Faster script generation
  • New User Code with events for system functions and before/after generation
  • No more dependency on Windows Script and Visual Basic


More Advanced Settings

  • Search filter save option - Option to save search filter on server side in database or on client side by localStorage
  • Hide paging section if singe page - Option to hide pager if single page only
  • Page title style - Option to show/hide breadcrumbs or show as page title
  • Authentication mode - Simple Windows/LDAP authentication
  • LDAP host name, port number and distinguished name
  • Target Framework
  • ASP.NET Core version



  • Option to enable/disable fields for sorting
  • Support Add page for tables without primary key
  • Handle client side events in Add Blank Row
  • Preserve spacing for Custom Files
  • Handle Session Keep Alive and Session Timeout when security disabled
  • Disable "Password Strength" and "Generate Password" options in Search page
  • jQuery, JsRender, Moment, Colorbox, typeahead.js, jQuery File Upload, Timepicker updated
  • CKEditor and TinyMCE updated
  • mobile-detect.js updated
  • Supports Sass (replaces LESS)
  • Many other minor improvements



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