Object Properties

Please refer to the following table for detailed description of Objects and their properties for use with Template Tags.


I. Objects

Object Description
CTRL Control Object
PROJ Project Object
PROJ.CustomScripts Custom Scripts Object
PROJ.Menus Menus Object
DB Database Object
TABLE Table Object
CHART Chart Object
FIELD Field Object
PROJ.LINKDBS (v9+) Link Database Object
TABLE.DashboardItems (v11+) Dashboard Item Object
Note You can view the object properties by opening your Project File with a text editor. Project file is an XML file, each object is represented by an XML node in the project file. The object properties are saved as attributes of the node. The property name is same as the attribute name.


II. Properties

You can use the standard dot notation to access properties of the objects.



This line will write the project name in the output file.

CTRL Object

The CTRL Object points to the current control in control.xml that is being generated.

Property Description Data Type
CtrlID ID (e.g. rpt, summary, crosstab, etc.) String
CtrlType Control type (e.g. table, report, field, other, copy, etc.) String


PROJ Object

The PROJ Object points to the current project. You can access the current project properties by PROJ.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
ProjID (v6+) Project ID (GUID) String
ProjName Project Name String
ProjVar Project variable String
MultiLanguage (v4+) Multiple language project Boolean
DefaultLanguageFile (v4+) Default language file String
LanguageFiles (v4+) Language files supported (comma separated) String
AppCompat Application in compatibility mode Boolean
AppHeader Compatibility mode header file name String
AppFooter Compatibility mode footer file name String
AppLogin Compatibility mode login file name String
AppLogout Compatibility mode logout file name String
AppDefault Compatibility mode default file name String
AppCssFolder Css folder name (relative path) String
AppChartCssFile Chart Css file name String
ReportsEncryptKey (v10+) Generate reports encryption key String
AppCompatVersion (v4+) Compatible version Integer
Cache Allow Cache Boolean
CharSet Character Set String
CSS External CSS file String
OutputNameExt Output File Name Prefix or Suffix String
OutputNameLCase Output File Name in lowercase Boolean
BodyTitle Body Title Description String
BodyFont Body Font String
BodySize Body Size String
BodyBgColor Body Background Color String
BodyTextColor Body Text Color String
BodyLnkColor Body Link Color String
BodyVLnkColor Body Vlink Color String
BodyALnkColor Body Alink Color String
BodyLeftMargin Body Left Margin Integer
BodyTopMargin Body Top Margin Integer
DocType (v6+) Document Type (NONE,HTML,XHTML,HTML5) String
ApplicationTheme (v3+) Application Theme String
HeaderColor (v3+) Page header color String
HeaderLogo (v3+) Page header logo file name String
HeaderHeight (v3+) Page header height Integer
MenuColor (v3+) Page menu color String
FooterColor (v3+) Page footer color String
FooterFontColor (v3+) Page footer font color String
FooterText (v3+) Page footer text String
TblWidth Table width String
TblPadding Table padding Integer
TblBorder Table border Integer
TblSpacing Table spacing Integer
TblBgColor Table background color String
TblHdrFontColor Table header font color String
TblHdrColor Table header background color String
TblAltColor Table use alternate row color Boolean
TblAltColor1 Table alternate color 1 String
TblAltColor2 Table alternate color 2 String
Template Template file location String
Destination Output destination folder location String
SecType Security type:
"None" - no security
"Hard Code" - use hard coded administrator login / password
"Use Table" - use security table
"Both" - use security table & hard coded administrator login / password
SecLoginID Administrator login id String
SecPasswd Administrator password String
SecTbl User table name String
SecLoginIDFld User table login id field String
SecPasswdFld User table password field String
SecLoginCaptcha (v6+) Use login captcha Boolean
SecRegisterActivate User needs activation Boolean
SecRegisterActivateFld User activation field name String
SecSenderEmail Sender email address String
SmtpServer Smtp server name String
SmtpServerPort Smtp server port Long
SmtpSecureOption (v6+) Smtp secure option (ssl/tls) String
MemoCRLFReplace Replace CRLF with BR for memo field Boolean
TestWebServer (v6+) Testing web server
1 - IIS Express
2 - Other
DefaultDateFormat Default date format (deprecated)
DateSeparator Date separator: "/", "-", "." (deprecated) String
StartPage (v6+) Start page String
XMLEncoding XML encoding charset String
RptColColor Report column color String
RptGrpColor1 Report group 1 color String
RptGrpColor2 Report group 2 color String
RptGrpColor3 Report group 3 color String
RptGrpColor4 Report group 4 color String
RptGrpSummaryColor1 Report summary color 1 String
RptGrpSummaryColor2 Report summary color 2 String
RptGrpSummaryColor3 Report summary color 3 String
RptGrpSummaryColor4 Report summary color 4 String
RptPageTotalColor Report page total color String
RptGrandTotalColor Report grand total color String
DotNetFrameworkVersion ASP.NET version String
PagerBackColor Pager background color String
FooterBackColor Footer background color String
UploadPath (v4+) Image Path (for uploaded images) String
CssStyles User css style content String
AutoSync Auto synchronize when open project Boolean
AutoBrowseURL (v6+) Auto browse URL String
AutoBrowse Browse after Generation Boolean
BodyStyle Body Style String
OtherGenList (v4+) Generation list for other scripts. Format:
@db=1,@css=0,... (Generate "db" = Yes, Generate "css" = No, etc...)
OtherGen Generate other scripts Boolean
OtherExpanded (v4+) Expand the other generation list (for display) Boolean
DynamicLoadDB Load database dynamically Boolean
MD5Password Use hashed password Boolean
CaseSensitivePassword Use Case Sensitive password Boolean
ServerValidate Use server validation Boolean
ClientValidate Use client validation Boolean
RecPerPage Records per page Integer
RecPerPageList Comma separated values for records per page String
PrinterFriendly (v4+) Printer friendly Boolean
ExportHtml Export to html Boolean
ExportWord Export to word Boolean
ExportExcel Export to excel Boolean
ExportEmail (v4+) Export to email Boolean
ExportPDF (v6+) Export to PDF Boolean
ExportType (v4+) Export type:
"PAGE" = export current page
"ALL" = export all records
SortType Sort type
0 - no sort
1 - single column sort
2 - multi-column sort
PagerStyle Pager style:
1 - numeric pager
2 - nextprev pager
TopPageLink Pager on top Boolean
BottomPageLink (v3+) Pager on bottom Boolean
RepeatColumns (v4+) Repeat column count for radios and checkboxes Integer
AppRootFolder Application root folder String
RootRelativePath (v6+) Root relative path String
RecipientEmail (v4+) Receiver email String
SMTPServerUsername (v4+) Smtp server user name String
SMTPServerPassword (v4+) Smtp server password String
FavIcon (v4+) File path for FavIcon String
LoginOption (v4+) Login options: (comma separated list of following options, e.g. "AUTO,USER,ASK")
"AUTO" - Auto login until logout explicitly
"USER" - Save user name
"ASK" - Always ask for user name and password
ChartMenuItems (v4+) Show chart menu items Boolean
UseDropDownForExport (v7+) Use dropdown for export links Boolean
GenReports (v10+) Reports generation enabled Boolean
ReportsTbl (v10+) Reports generation history table name String
ReportsReportNameFld (v10+) Reports generation history report name field String
ReportsReportTypeFld (v10+) Reports generation history report type field String
ReportsFilterNameFld (v10+) Reports generation history filter name field String
ReportsUserNameFld (v10+) Reports generation history user name field String
ReportsDateTimeFld (v10+) Reports generation history date field String
ReportsUrlFld (v10+) Reports generation history URL field String
ReportsIpFld (v10+) Reports generation history IP field String
ReportsParmsFld (v10+) Reports generation history parameters field String
JavaScripts (v11+) List of external JavaScripts String
StyleSheets (v11+) List of external StyleSheets String
Note You can further define custom Project Level properties and put it in the "Advanced Settings" file (under "src\settings.xml" in the program folder). The setting is accessible in the UI via [Tools] -> [Advanced Settings] under the "Project" node. You can then access the custom properties in the template by means of PROJ.GetV("<property name>"). To avoid clashing with the default project settings, "USER_".


PROJ.CustomScripts Object

The PROJ.CustomScripts Object contains all custom scripts defined in the current project. Each custom script has the following properties.

Property Description Data Type
ScriptType Script type (Server/Client) String
ScriptCodeType Script code type (Global/Table/Other) String
ScriptName Script name String
ScriptLanguage Script language (C#) String
ScriptCtrlID Script control id String
ScriptL1Key Script level 1 key (table/other name)
ScriptL2Key Script level 2 key (reserved for future use) String
ScriptCode Custom script code String


PROJ.Menus Object

The PROJ.Menus Object contains menu items defined in the current project. Each menu item has the following properties.

Property Description Data Type
MenuId Menu id Integer
MenuText Menu display text String
MenuParentId Menu parent id
MenuGroup (v6+) Menu group Boolean
MenuExtUrl Menu external URL (for MenuCustomUrl = True only) String
MenuAnonymous (v4+) Menu anonymous access Integer
MenuUrl Menu url String
MenuType (v4+) Menu type (Table/Chart) String
MenuCustomUrl Menu use custom url Boolean
MenuLevel Menu level Integer
MenuShow Menu show this item Boolean
MenuDisplayOrder Menu display order Integer
MenuIconClass (v11+) Menu icon class String
MenuNavbar (v12+) Menu is shown in Navbar (top menu) String


DB Object

The DB Object points to the current database. You can access the current database properties by DB.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
DBID (v9.0+) Database id String
DBName Database Name String
DBVar (v8+) Database variable String
DBType Database Type String
DBPath Database Path String
DBUseServerMapPath Maps the relative path of the database to the corresponding physical directory on the server (MS Access only) Boolean
DBPhyPath Database Physical Path String
DBSID Database schema id (Oracle) String
DBConnectionMethod Database connection method (MySQL):
"DIRECT" = direct connection
"URL" = URL connection
DBURL If connection method is "URL", this parameter specifies the URL to the remote server (MySQL) String
DBHost Host name (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle) String
DBPort Port number (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle) String
DBEncoding Database encoding (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle) String
DBUID User ID String
DBPwd Password String
DBQuoteS Database Start Quote Character String
DBQuoteE Database End Quote Character String
DBConnstr DB Connection String String
DBADOVer ADO Version String
DBDBMSName DBMS Name String
DBDBMSVer DBMS Version String
DBOLEDBVer OleDb Version String
DBProviderName Provider Name String
DBProviderVer Provider Version String
DBSchema Schema Name String
MaxUploadSize Upload Field maximum upload size Integer
SecUserLevelFld User Level Field for Advanced Security String
SecDefault Default Security String String
SecuUserIDFld User ID Field for Advanced Security String
SecuParentUserIDFld Parent User ID Field for Advanced Security String
UseDynamicUserLevel (v3+) Use dynamic user level Boolean
UserLevelTbl (v3+) User Level Table String
UserLevelIdFld (v3+) User Level ID Field String
UserLevelNameFld (v3+) User Level Name Field String
UserLevelPrivTbl (v3+) User Level Permission Table String
UserLevelPrivTblNameFld (v3+) User Level Permission Table Name Field String
UserLevelPrivUserLevelFld (v3+) User Level Permission User Level Field String
UserLevelPrivPrivFld (v3+) User Level Permission Permission Field String


TABLE Object

The TABLE Object points to the current table. You can access the current table properties by TABLE.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
TblSchema (v4+) Table schema name String
TblName Table name String
TblVar Table variable String
TblKey Table key String
TblGen Generate this table Boolean
TblGenList (v4+) Generation list for table scripts. Format:
info=1,list=0,... (Generate "info" = Yes, Generate "list" = No, etc...)
TblList Show table in menu Boolean
TblCaption Table caption String
TblUpdatable Table is updatable Boolean
TblSQL Table SQL (Views only) String
TblError Table SQL error (Views only) String
TblExtSearchFldPerRow (v8+) Extended Search (Extended Filter) fields per row String
TblDefault Table link from default page Boolean
TblFilter Table filter String
TblUserIDFld Table user id field name String
TblSecurity Table security settings for advanced security String
TblOverwrite (deprecated in v4+) Overwrite table scripts Boolean
TblExpanded Expand the table generation list (for display) Boolean
TblLoaded Table is loaded Boolean
TblRptShowSummaryView (v6+) Show summary view Boolean
TblRptShowDetails Show report details Boolean
TblRptShowGrandTotal Show report grand total Boolean
OutputFolder (v8+) Custom file output folder String
IncludeFiles (v8+) Include common files for custom files Boolean
TblReportType Report type:
"rpt" - simple report
"summary" - summary report
"crosstab" - crosstab report
TblShowReport Show report Boolean
TblRptShowPageTotal Show report page total Boolean
TblRowSum Show report row sum (crosstab only) Boolean
TblGenReport (v10+) Generate report Boolean
TblCustomSQL Table custom sql (custom views only) String
TblCustomError Error loading custom views / reports String
TblRptSrc Report source table (reports only) Boolean
TblUseGlobal Use global settings Boolean
TblRecPerPage Groups/records per page Integer
TblRecPerPageList Dynamic values for groups/records per page String
TblPrinterFriendly (v4+) Printer friendly Boolean
TblExportHtml Export to html Boolean
TblExportWord Export to word Boolean
TblExportExcel Export to excel Boolean
TblExportEmail (v4+) Export to email Boolean
TblExportPDF (v6+) Export to PDF Boolean
TblExportType (v4+) Export type:
"PAGE" = export current page
"ALL" = export all records
TblExportPageBreakCount (v6+) Export page break count Integer
TblSortType Sort type
0 - no sort
1 - single column sort
2 - multi-column sort
TblPagerStyle Pager style:
1 - numeric pager
2 - nextprev pager
TblTopPageLink Pager on top Boolean
TblBottomPageLink (v3+) Pager on bottom Boolean
TblLinkOnLeft Links on left Boolean
TblShowBlankListPage Show blank report page Boolean
TblUserLevelPriv (v6+) Use table in dynamic user level security Boolean
TblUseDropDownForExport (v7+) Use dropdown for export links Boolean
TblDashboardType (v7+) Dashboard type (Vertical/Horizontal/Custom) for Dashboard Report String
LinkDBID (v9.0+) Link database id (for table type = "LINKTABLE" only) String
LinkTableName (v9.0+) Linked table name (for table type = "LINKTABLE" only) String
LinkTableType (v9.0+) Linked table type (for table type = "LINKTABLE" only) String
CrosstabSummaryFields (v9.0+) Crosstab summary field names (separated by "||") String
CrosstabSummaryTypes (v9.0+) Crosstab summary field types (separated by "||") String
ShowGroupHeaderAsRow (v10+) Show group header as row Boolean


CHART Object

The CHART Object points to the current chart. You can access the current chart properties by CHART.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
ChartName Chart name String
ChartVar Chart variable name String
ShowChart Show chart in report Boolean
ChartGenList Generation list for chart scripts. Format:
rptchart=1 (Generate "rptchart" = Yes)
ChartSourceTable (v7+) Chart source table name (for Dashboard Report only) String
ChartSourceChart (v7+) Chart source chart name (for Dashboard Report only) String
ChartXFldName Chart X axis field name String
ChartYFldName Chart Y axis field name String
ChartSeriesYAxis (v4+) Chart y-axis series ("1" / "2", comma separated) String
ChartNameFldName (v4+) Chart name field name (candlestick chart only) String
ChartSeriesFldName Chart series field name (multi-series or stacked charts) String
ChartSeriesFldOrder (v4+) Chart series field order ("ASC" / "DESC") String
ChartSummaryType (v3+) Chart summary type (SUM/AVG/MIN/MAX/COUNT) String

*NOTE: old chart type before v11 in bracket for reference
(Single series)
1001 - Column 2D (1)
1101 - Column 3D (5)
1002 - Line 2D (4)
1003 - Area 2D (7)
1004 - Bar 2D (3)
1104 - Bar 3D (104)
1005 - Pie 2D (2)
1105 - Pie 3D (6)
1006 - Dougnut 2D (8)
1106 - Dougnut 3D (101)
1007 - Pareto 2D (new v11+)
1107 - Pareto 3D (new v11+)
(Multi series)
2001 - Column 2D (9)
2101 - Column 3D (10)
2002 - Line 2D (11)
2003 - Area 2D (12)
2004 - Bar 2D (13)
2104 - Bar 3D (102)
2091 - Marimekko (new, v11+)
2092 - Zoom Line (new, v11+)
3001 - Column 2D (14)
3101 - Column 3D (15)
3003 - Area 2D (16)
3004 - Bar 2D (17)
3104 - Bar 3D (103)
4001 - Multi-series 2D Single Y Combination Chart (Column + Line + Area) (new, v11+)
4101 - Multi-series 3D Single Y Combination Chart (Column + Line + Area) (new, v11+)
4111 - Multi-series Column 3D + Line - Single Y Axis (new, v11+)
4021 - Stacked Column2D + Line single Y Axis (new, v11+)
4121 - Stacked Column3D + Line single Y Axis (new, v11+)
4031 - Multi-series 2D Dual Y Combination Chart (Column + Line + Area) (18)
4131 - Multi-series Column 3D + Line - Dual Y Axis (19)
4092 - Multi-series Zoom-line Dual Y-Axis (new, v11+)
5099 - Candlestick (20)
6098 - Gantt (21)

ChartSeriesType (v4+) Chart series type ("0" = series field / "1" = multiple column fields) Integer
ChartHtml5 (v6+) Use html 5 chart Boolean
ChartWidth Chart width (in pixel) Integer
ChartHeight Chart height (in pixel) Integer
ChartBgColor Background color String
ChartCaption Chart caption String
ChartChartBgColor Chart background color String
ChartChartBorderColor Chart border color String
ChartNumGridLines Chart number of gridlines Integer
ChartGridColor Chart gridline color String
ChartXAxisName Chart X axis name String
ChartXAxisNameRotated Chart X axis name is rotated Boolean
ChartYAxisName Chart Y axis name String
ChartPYAxisName (v4+) Chart primary Y axis name (combination chart only) String
ChartSYAxisName (v4+) Chart secondary Y axis name (combination chart only) String
ChartYAxisNameRotated Chart Y axis name is rotated Boolean
ChartYAxisMinValue Chart Y axis minimum value Long
ChartYAxisMaxValue Chart Y axis maximum value Long
ChartShowNames Chart show names (X axis values) Boolean
ChartShowValues Chart show values (Y axis values) Boolean
ChartShowHover Chart show hover (X,Y values on chart) Boolean
ChartAlpha Chart alpha (transparency 0-100) Integer
ChartColorPalette Chart color palette (comma separated color codes) String
ChartSortType Chart sort type:
0 - no sort
1 - X ASC
2 - X DESC
3 - Y ASC
4 - Y DESC
5 - run time
ChartSortSeq Chart custom sort sequence String
ChartPosition Chart position:
1 - top
2 - left
3 - right
4 - bottom
ChartDrillTable (v6+) Chart drill down table name String
ChartDrillSourceFields (v6+) Chart drill down source field names (separated by "||") String
ChartDrillTargetFields (v6+) Chart drill down target field names (separated by "||") String


FIELD Object

The FIELD Object points to the current field. You can access the current field properties by FIELD.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
FldName Field name String
FldVar Field variable (with prefix "x_") String
FldParm Field variable (without the prefix "x_") String
FldAlias Field alias name String
FldSourceName Field source name String
FldSourceTable Field source table name String
FldSourceField Field source field name String
FldType Field data type Integer
FldTypeName Field data type name String
NativeDataType Field native data type Integer
FldSQL (v9.0+) Field SQL (for custom field only) String
FldIsCustom (v9.0+) Field is custom field Boolean
FldSupport Field is supported Boolean
FldSort (v10+) Field allows sort Boolean
FldSize Field Size Integer
FldUniqueIdx Field has unique index Boolean
FldZeroLen Field support zero-length string
(For Access database only)
FldReq Field is required (NOT NULL) Boolean
FldIsPrimaryKey Field is primary key Boolean
FldAutoIncrement Field is auto increment field Boolean
FldAttribute Field ADO attributes Long
FldMin (v4+) Minimum value for validation Variant
FldMax (v4+) Maximum value for validation Variant
FldErrMsg (v4+) Error message if validation failed String
FldValidate (v4+) Validate format String
FldServerValidateArgs (v4+) Validate arguments (server side) String
FldClientValidateArgs (v4+) Validate arguments (client side) String
FldPopCalendar Use popup calendar Boolean
FldGenerate Field generate enabled Boolean
FldList Field show in report Boolean
FldSearch Field allow search (popup filter) Boolean
FldExtendedBasicSearch Field allow Extended Search (Extended Filter) Boolean
FldFilterDropDown Field is dropdown filter (Extended Filter) Boolean
FldDateSearch Field date search type
- Year
- Quarter
- Month
- Day
FldDateSearchDefaultYear Field date search default year value String
FldDateSearchDefaultQuarter Field date search default quarter value String
FldDateSearchDefaultMonth Field date search default month value String
FldDateSearchDefaultDay Field date search default day value String
FldSearchMultiValue (v6+) Search as comma separated values Boolean
FldSrchOpr Field search operator String
FldSrchOpr2 Field second search operator String
FldDefault Field default value for search operator Variant
FldDefault2 (v4+) Field default value for second search operator Variant
FldDefaultSearch (v6+) Field default value for poup search Variant
FldCaption Field caption String
FldViewTag Field view tag String
FldViewThumbnail (v4+) Field view as thumbnail Boolean
FldHtmlTag (v3+) Field html tag (used for non-TEXT Extended Filter)
- "TEXT" (Text box)
- "SELECT" (Drop down)
Note: If FldSelectMultiple is enabled, used as (List box)
- "RADIO" (Radio box)
- "CHECKBOX" (Checkbox)
FldSelectType (v6+) Field select type ("Table" = auto suggest) String
FldTagLnkOrderType (v6+) Field lookup order type (ASC/DESC) String
FldTagAType Href type String
FldTagATarget Href target type (A) String
FldTagAPrefix Href prefix (A) String
FldTagASuffix Href suffix (A) String
FldBold Field bold enabled Boolean
FldItalic Field italic enabled Boolean
FldAlign Field alignment String
FldFmtType Field format type:
"Currency" - format as currency
"Date/Time" - format as Date/Time
"Number" - format as number
"Percent" - format as percent
"String" - format as string
FldDtFormat Field date format:
  • 0 - Default - based on locale file
  • 1 - DateTime - Date and time, format based on locale file
  • 2 - Date - Date only, format based on locale file
  • 3 - Time(AM/PM) - 12-hour with AM/PM
  • 4 - Time - 24-hour
  • 5 - Ymd
  • 6 - mdY
  • 7 - dmY
  • 8 - YmdHis
  • 9 - mdYHis
  • 10 - dmYHis
  • 11 - ymd
  • 12 - mdy
  • 13 - dmy
  • 14 - ymdHis
  • 15 - mdyHis
  • 16 - dmyHis
FldNumDigits Field number of digits after decimal Integer
FldIncLeadDigit Field include leading digit Integer
FldUseParen Field use parenthesis for negative Integer
FldGpDigits Field group digits Integer
FldHrefFld Field hyperlink to field String
FldStrFunc Field string function String
FldMemoMaxLength Maximum length for memo field Integer
FldSelectFilter (v6+) Field select filter String
FldParentSelect (v6+) Parent field 1 (Dynamic Selection) String
FldParentSelect2 (v6+) Parent field 2 (Dynamic Selection) String
FldParentSelect3 (v6+) Parent field 3 (Dynamic Selection) String
FldParentSelect4 (v6+) Parent field 4 (Dynamic Selection) String
FldQuoteS Field start quote character String
FldQuoteE Field end quote character String
FldColumnWidth Field column width String
FldColumnWrap Field column wrap Boolean
FldGroupByType Field group by type:
"n" - Normal
"y" - Year (date fields)
"q" - Quarter (date fields)
"m" - Month (date fields)
"w" - Week (date fields)
"d" - Day (date fields)
"h" - Hour (date fields)
"min" - Minute (date fields)
"i" - Interval (numeric fields)
"f" - First few characters (string fields)
FldGroupByInterval Field group by interval (valid for group by type = "i" & "f" only) Long
FldRowID Field row index (crosstab report only) Integer
FldColumnID Field column index (crosstab report only) Integer
FldColumnDateType Field column date type: (column field is date only)
"y" - Year
"q" - Quarter
"m" - Month
"d" - Date
FldColumnDateSelect Field column date with selectable year Boolean
FldSummaryID Field summary index (crosstab report only) Integer
FldSummaryType Field summary type:
"AVG" - Average
"COUNT" - Count
"MAX" - Maximum
"MIN" - Minimum
"SUM" - Sum
FldFilterName Field filter name (relative filter names, comma separated) String
FldUseRange Field use range (use range selection in popup filter) Boolean
FldGroupBy Field grouping sequence Integer
FldGroupByShowSummary Field grouping show summary (report only) Boolean
FldOrderBy Field ordering sequence Integer
FldOrder Field order type (ASC/DESC) String
FldRptAggSum Aggregate sum of field Boolean
FldRptAggAvg Aggregate average of field Boolean
FldRptAggMin Aggregate minimum of field Boolean
FldRptAggMax Aggregate maximum of field Boolean
FldRptAggCnt (v6+) Aggregate count of field Boolean
FldRptSkipNull (v6+) Skip null values Boolean
FldRepeatColumns (v4+) Repeat column count for radios and checkboxes Integer
FldUploadPath (v4+) Field level upload file path String
FldResizeInterpolation (v4+) Resize file interpolation Integer
FldSelectForceSelection (v6+) Force selection for auto suggest Boolean
FldMemoCRLFReplace Replace CRLF with BR for memo field Boolean
FldViewTemplate (v7+) Field custom view template String
FldEditTemplate (v11+) Field custom edit template String
FldDrillParameter (v6+) Field is drill down parameter Boolean
FldDrillTable (v6+) Field drill down table String
FldDrillSourceFields (v6+) Field drill down source fields (separated by "||") String
FldDrillTargetFields (v6+) Field drill down target fields (separated by "||") String
FldOptionTemplate (v9.0+) Optional template for auto fill/auto suggest String
FldDropdown (v9.0+) Use bootstrap dropdown for field Boolean
FldDropdownWidth (v9.0+) Dropdown width Integer
FldDropdownHeight (v9.0+) Dropdown height Integer
FldModalLookup (v10+) Use modal lookup for field Boolean
FldModalLookupPageSize (v10+) Modal lookup page size Integer




The PROJ.LINKDBS Object contains all link databases defined in the current project. The object can be accessed via PROJ.LINKDBS as follows.

for (let db of PROJ.LINKDBS) { ... }

Each link database has the same properties as the DB object above.


TABLE.DashboardItems Object (v11+)

The TABLE.DashboardItems Object contains all dashboard items for the table (dashboard report only). The object can be accessed via TABLE.DashboardItems as follows.

for (let item of TABLE.DashboardItems) { ... }

Each dashboard item has the following properties

Property Description Data Type
Name Item name (e.g. "item1", "item2", ...) String
Type Item type ("Table" / "Chart") String
SourceTable Source table name String
SourceChart Source chart name (Type = "Chart" only) String
ChartWidth Chart width (Type = "Chart" only) Integer
ChartHeight Chart height (Type = "Chart" only) Integer



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