• Detail and Summary Report

  • Compact Summary Only View

  • Crosstab Report

  • JavaScript (HTML 5) Charting

    Supports multiple charts for each report (See Chart Setup). Configurable chart properties. Supported chart types:

    • Column 2D Chart
    • Column 3D Chart
    • Pie 3D Chart
    • Pie 2D Chart
    • Line 2D Chart
    • Bar 2D Chart
    • Area 2D Chart
    • Doughnut 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Column 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Column 3D Chart
    • Multi-series Line 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Area 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Bar 2D Chart
    • Stacked Column 2D Chart
    • Stacked Column 3D Chart
    • Stacked Area 2D Chart
    • Stacked Bar 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Column 2D Dual Y Chart
    • Multi-series Column 2D Dual Y Chart
    • Doughnut 3D Chart
    • Multi-series Bar 3D Chart
    • Stacked Bar 3D
    • Bar 3D Chart
    • Scroll charts
    • Grid Component
    • Funnel Chart (Flash version only)
    • Candlestick Chart (Flash version only)
    • Gantt Chart (Flash version only)

    Note: ASP Report Maker ships with FusionCharts XT Trial version (pure JavaScript/HTML5 charts) and FusionCharts Free (Flash charts for Funnel, Candlestick and Gantt charts). Registered users of ASP Report Maker are entitled to enjoy the benefit of the FusionCharts extension with licensed FusionCharts v3.5 which is a paid version of FusionCharts XT. Read FusionCharts for details.

  • Advanced Chart Properties

  • Drill Down Reports and Charts

  • Dashboard Report

  • Responsive Layout with Bootstrap

  • Mobile Menu

  • Toolbar and Vector Icons with Tooltip

  • View Formatting for Fields (See Field Setup)

  • Grouping Intervals (See Field Setup)

    Detail and Summary Report
    Numeric field Text field Datetime field

    Crosstab Report
    Datetime field (for Column Headings)

    (with optional year filter for "Quarter" and "Month")

  • Optional Excel-style Ajax Popup Filter

  • Relative filter for datetime fields

    Relative Days Relative Day Periods Relative Weeks


    Relative Months Relative Years Past/Future

  • Extended Filters with Validation and Default Value

  • Collapsible extended filter panel above the report.

    Display the extended filter as a text box, combobox, listbox, checkboxes or radio buttons with default value as the default filter of the report.

    Ajax Auto-Suggest

    Dynamic Selection List (parent/child selection lists)

    Search comma separated values with checkboxes or select-multiple selection list

    If the field is a date field, you can use textbox with optional popup calendar, or you can choose to display the filter as a combobox of year/quarter/month/day.

    Extended Filters also support relative filters for datetime fields like popup filters.

  • Modal Lookup Dialog for Extended Filters with support of searching and paging.

  • Optional Summary at Various Levels
    • Grouping level summary
    • Page Summary
    • Grand Summary

  • Optional Advanced Security (User ID and User Level) (See Security Settings)

  • Optional HTML Settings with Preview (See HTML Settings)

  • Menu Editor


    Vertical menu

    Horizontal menu (extension for registered users only)

  • Create, Alter and Drop Views

  • Server Events and Client Scripts

  • Custom Files

  • Export to HTML/Word/Excel/Email/PDF

    Supports exporting report to PDF with charts

  • Optional CAPTCHA for Login Page (extension for registered users only)

  • Export Options as Button Dropdown

    Buttons with icon and tooltip
    Button dropdown

  • Custom Template


  • Locale files
    • Locale files for 70 languages
    • Locale settings with date and time separators, date format and time zone by language
    • Locale file editor

  • Custom View Tags
    • Barcode
    • QR Code
    • Google Map

  • Colorbox

  • Linked Tables from Multiple Databases


  • Custom Fields


  • Dropdown Selection Lists

    Multi-column Radio button list
    Multi-column Checkbox list
    Selection list (select-one) / Single column radio button list

    Selection list (select-multiple) / Single column checkbox list


  • Option Template for Dropdown Selection Lists


  • Session Keep Alive and Session Timeout


  • Simplified Client Side Events and "fields" jQuery Plugin

  • Field Visibility Extension (for registered users only) for setting Visible property of field object


  • Generate Report by HTTP GET/POST

    Allow generating URL for accessing reports to save them on server or send them by email.


  • Auto Update to Latest Template (for registered users only)

  • Date picker and timer picker (Time picker is extension for registered users only)

  • Supports Sass - Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets

  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access and SQL Server

  • Various ASP options: Codepage, charset, locale ID, session timeout, default date formats, etc. (See ASP Settings)

  • Simple Windows/LDAP Authentication

  • Saving and restoring project from Project File

  • Synchronize project settings with changes in database

  • CSS stylesheet

  • User selectable page size

  • Table-specific page options

  • Dynamic table loading

  • Auto-login

  • Multi-Language project

  • Multi-Language Property Editor

  • BLOB field as image in report

  • Code repository

  • MD5 and case-sensitive password

  • Database helper

  • Visual query builder

  • Customizable template

  • Testing with IIS Express

  • Compatibility with ASPMaker


Note ASP Report Maker is a reporting tool, all reports are read-only, data modification is not supported.


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