DB AppMaker 2 is a major upgrade the previous version, it contains many new features, including the much anticipated support on iOS apps.


iOS Support

Now you can make iOS apps for iPhone and iPad with DB AppMaker. You can even build your iOS app remotely on your Windows PC.

Note A Mac computer with Xcode 8 and remotebuild installed is required.

Remote Data (Requires web server with PHP support)

Retrieves live data from your web server. DB AppMaker generates PHP scripts for you to upload to your server for serving live data from your database. Support "Pull to Refresh" to refresh data in the List page.



Allow user to select a field to sort by. Support both local and remote data.


Support pagination for both local and remote data.



Allow user to view detail table data from master table



Custom View Tags
- Google Maps
- Youtube
- Barcode and QRCode


- Ionic 1.3.2 (with AngularJS v1.5.3)
- jQuery 3.1.1
- Use local node.exe
- Faster script generation


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