HTML Settings

DB AppMaker project is Cordova project, which allows you to create mobile app with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can customize CSS styles in the HTML tab.



DB AppMaker uses Ionic Framework which includes various CSS components for you to build your app. For power and flexibility, the CSS is written with Sass and includes easily customized variables and mixins. You can customize the variables in the Theme tab.



You can change the various properties of the selected theme to suit your style. The variable names are self-explanatory.

Note After changing any theme properties, make sure you re-generate *.css files. The *.css files are under Other Files section in the popup Generate form, see Generate Settings for details.



The Styles tab shows the CSS to be generated by the project. There are 2 sub-tabs, System and User.

The System tab show the default CSS to be generated. It is for preview only and is not editable.


The User tab show the user CSS being used for the project. You can enter any custom CSS to change the look and feel of your app. You can even copy CSS from the System tab and override it.


Note The User tab support Sass, you can write your code in Sass and you can use variables listed in the Theme tab.


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