Object Properties

Please refer to the following table for detailed description of Objects and their properties for use with Template Tags.



Project Description
CTRL Control Object
PROJ Project Object
PROJ.CustomScripts Custom Scripts Object
PROJ.Menus Menus Object
DB Database Object
TABLE Table Object
FIELD Field Object
Note You can view the object properties by opening your Project File with a text editor. Project file is an XML file, each object is represented by an XML node in the project file. The object properties are saved as attributes of the node. The property name is same as the attribute name.



You can use the standard dot notation to access properties of the objects.



This line will write the project name in the output file.


CTRL Object

The CTRL Object points to the current control in control.xml that is being generated.

Property Description Data Type
CtrlId Control id (e.g. list, view, etc.) String
CtrlType Control type (e.g. table, simple, copy, etc.) String


PROJ Object

The PROJ Object points to the current project. You can access the current project properties by PROJ.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
ProjID Project ID (GUID) String
ProjName Project name String
ProjVar Project variable String
MultiLanguage Use multiple languages Boolean
DefaultLanguageFile Default language file String
LanguageFiles Language file list (comma separated) String
SqlQuote SQL quote identifier (Square Bracket / Double Quote / Single Quote / Back Quote / None / Default) String
OutputNameType Output file name option:
"" - No prefix or suffix
"Prefix" - Prefix with extension
"Suffix" - Suffix with extension
OutputNameExt Output file name extension name String
OutputNameLCase Output file name in lowercase Boolean
BodyTitle Body title description String
FooterText Page footer text String
Template Template file location String
Destination Project folder location String
DefaultDateFormat Default date format:
medium, short, fullDate, longDate, mediumDate, shortDate,
yyyy/mm/dd, mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy,
yyyy-mm-dd, mm-dd-yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy,
yyyy.mm.dd, mm.dd.yyyy, dd.mm.yyyy
long or short year (yy or yyyy), with or without time (hh:mm:ss).
StartPage Project start page String
UploadPath Source folder for media files (images/videos/audios) String
CssStyles User css style content String
AutoSync Auto synchronize when open project Boolean
AutoBrowseURL Command after generation ("Build", "Run" or "Release") String
AutoBrowse Run ionic serve after generation Boolean
OtherGen Generate other scripts Boolean
OtherGenList Generation list for other scripts. Format:
config=1,css=1,... (Generate "config" = Yes, Generate "css" = No, etc...)
OtherExpanded Expand the other generation list (for display) Boolean
DynamicLoadDB Load database dynamically Boolean
ThumbnailWidth Thumbnail width (list) Long
ThumbnailHeight Thumbnail height (list) Long
ThumbnailWidthView Thumbnail width (view) Long
ThumbnailHeightView Thumbnail height (view) Long
Note You can further define custom Project Level properties and put it in the "Advanced Settings" file (under "src\settings.xml" in the program folder). The setting is accessible in the user interface via [Tools] -> [Advanced Settings] under the "Project" node. You can then access the custom properties in the template by means of PROJ.getValue("<property name>"). To avoid clashing with DB AppMaker default project settings, it is recommended that you always prefix your property names, for example, by "My_".


PROJ.CustomScripts Object

The PROJ.CustomScripts Object contains the collection of all custom scripts defined in the current project. Each custom script has the following properties.

Property Description Data Type
ScriptType Script type (Server/Client) String
ScriptCodeType Script code type (Global/Table/Other) String
ScriptName Script name String
ScriptCtrlID Script control id String
ScriptL1Key Script level 1 key (table/other name) String
ScriptL2Key Script level 2 key (reserved for future use) String
ScriptCode Custom script code String


PROJ.Menus Object

The PROJ.Menus Object contains the menu items defined in the current project. It has the following properties.

Property Description Data Type
MenuID Menu id Integer
MenuText Menu display text String

Menu parent id

MenuGroup Menu group item Boolean
MenuSource Menu source String
MenuExtUrl Menu external url String
MenuUrl Menu url String
MenuCustomUrl Menu use custom url Boolean
MenuLevel Menu level Integer
MenuShow Menu show this item Boolean
MenuDisplayOrder Menu display order Integer


DB Object

The DB Object points to the current database. You can access the current database properties by DB.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
DBName Database name String
DBType Database type String
DBPath Database path String
DBPhyPath Database physical path String
DBUID Database user id String
DBPwd Database password String
DBQuoteS Database start quote character String
DBQuoteE Database end quote character String
DBConnstr Database connection string String
DBADOVer ADO version String
DBDBMSName DBMS name String
DBDBMSVer DBMS version String
DBOLEDBVer OleDb version String
DBProviderName Provider name String
DBProviderVer Provider version String
DBSchema Schema name String


TABLE Object

The TABLE Object points to the current table. You can access the current table properties by TABLE.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
TblSchema Table schema name String
TblName Table name String
TblType Table type (TABLE/VIEW) String
TblKey Table key String
TblGen Generate this table Boolean
TblGenList Generation list for table scripts. Format:
list=1,view=0,... (Generate "list" = Yes, Generate "view" = No, etc...)
TblList Show table in menu Boolean
TblView Table view enabled Boolean
TblCaption Table caption String
TblVar Table variable name String
TitleField Table title field String
ThumbnailField Table thumbnail field String
ThumbnailListField Table thumbnail field for list String
TblSearch Table advanced search enabled Boolean
TblDefault Table link from default page Boolean
TblFilter Table filter (sql where clause) String
TblExpanded Expand the table generation list (for display) Boolean
TblLoaded Table is loaded Boolean
TblReportType Report type ("custom" for custom files) String


FIELD Object

The FIELD Object points to the current field. You can access the current field properties by FIELD.PropertyName.

Property Description Data Type
FldName Field name String
FldAlias Field alias name String
FldSourceName Field source name String
FldSourceTable Field source table name String
FldSourceField Field source field name String
FldType Field data type Integer
FldTypeName Field data type name String
FldSupport Field is supported Boolean
FldSize Field size Long
FldUniqueIdx Field has unique index Boolean
FldZeroLen Field support zero-length string Boolean
FldReq Field is required (NOT NULL) Boolean
FldIsPrimaryKey Field is primary key Boolean
FldAutoIncrement Field is auto increment field Boolean
FldAttribute Field ADO attributes Long
FldGenerate Field generate enabled Boolean
FldList Field list enabled Boolean
FldView Field view enabled Boolean
FldDefault Field default value Variant
FldDbDefault Field default value (database) Variant
FldCaption Field caption String
FldVar Field variable String
FldViewTag Field view tag String
FldHtmlTag Field html tag String
FldTagSize Field html tag size Integer
FldTagMaxLength Field html tag maximum length Integer
FldSelectType Field select type (Table/Values) String
FldTagValues Field value list String
FldTagLnkTbl Field link to table name String
FldTagLnkFld Field link to table key field name String
FldTagLnkDisplay Field link to table display field name String
FldTagLnkDisp2 Field link to table display field 2 name String
FldTagLnkDisp3 Field link to table display field 3 name String
FldTagLnkDisp4 Field link to table display field 4 name String
FldTagLnkOrderBy Field link to table order by field name String
FldTagLnkOrderType Field link to table order type (ASC/DESC) String
DisplayValueSeparator Display value separator String
FldTagImgWidth Image width (IMG) Integer
FldTagImgHeight Image height (IMG) Integer
FldTagAType Href type String
FldTagATarget Href target type (A) String
FldBold Field bold enabled Boolean
FldItalic Field italic enabled Boolean
FldAlign Field alignment String
FldFmtType Field format type:
"Currency" - format as currency
"Date/Time" - format as date/time
"Number" - format as number
"String" - format as string
FldDtFormat Field date format:
See PROJ.DefaultDateFormat for details
FldTimezone Field time zone String
FldFormat Field format String
FldNumDigits Field number of digits after decimal Integer
FldHrefFld Field hyperlink to field name String
FldStrFunc Field string function name String
FldMemoMaxLength Maximum length for memo field (list page only) Integer
FldSelectFilter Field select filter String
FldQuoteS Field start quote character String
FldQuoteE Field end quote character String
FldUploadPath Field level media files folder String
FldViewCustomAttributes Field view tag custom attributes String
FldTagACustomAttributes Field href tag custom attributes String


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