The scripts are generated by DB AppMaker without hand-coding.

More detailed description of this demo project is provided in the tutorials of the help file.

This demo project shows you how the generated pages look like and illustrates some of the advanced features:

Advanced Security
You can view some pages without login as an anonymous user.

You can then login using the following accounts to see the feature works.

The menu items changes with permissions.

Username: admin
Password: master

This is the administrator account which have full permissions, including user management.
Employee #1
Username: nancy
Password: 1234

This account has limited permissions. You can only view records in tables.
Employee #2
Username: andrew
Password: 1234

This account has full permissions except user management. you can only modify your own record in the "Employees" table.

You can login using the administrator account first, then logout and re-login using other accounts to see the Advanced Security works.

Add Extra Option to Lookup Table
Click "Cars" and then add or edit a record, click "Add Trademark" and then "Add Model" to add a parent/child option to the comboboxes.

Quick Search
Click "Cars" or "Categories" or "Customers" or "Employees" or "Products".

Multiple File Upload
Click "Employees", go to the Add or Edit page, try the "Photo" field.

Dynamic Selection List
Click "Cars" in the left menu and then add or edit a record. In the add or edit page, change the "Trademark" combobox and see how the "Model" combobox changes.

Dynamic User Levels
Login as administrator and click "User Levels".

Parent User ID
Login as employee #2 (andrew) and click "Orders", this user can modify his subordinate's records.

Custom Template
Click "Cars2". The table uses Custom Template to show each record in 2 rows.

Custom View Tag (QR Code)
Click "Cars", select any record and go to the View page, see the Hyperlink field.

Custom View Tag (Google Map)
Click "Customers", see the single map in List page. Select any record and go to the View page, see the address field.

Custom Files
See "Home" page and "News" page.

Local Storage of Settings
See the "Settings" page.

Menu Icons
See the icons in some of the menu items.

Note Updating is disabled on the demo site, if you try to add/edit, error message will tell you that the database is read-only. You can however download the demo project and test on your machine.

Above is just part of what DB AppMaker can do. DB AppMaker provides a variety of other features for you to generate code that suit your needs. Download DB AppMaker now and explore its power and flexibility!


Download the Demo Project (Read the readme.txt for setup)


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