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PHP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic PHP Web reports from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database. You can instantly create live detail and summary reports or crosstabs reports for your Websites. JavaScript (HTML 5) charts (column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, multi-series and stacked chart) and Flash charts (funnel, Candlestick and Gantt chart only) are supported. The generated Web pages are pure PHP, no server side or client-side component is required. PHP Report Maker is designed for high flexibility, numerous options enable you to generate the reports that best suits your needs. The generated codes are clean and easy-to-customize. The PHP scripts can be run on Windows servers (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Access/MSSQL/Oracle) or Linux/Unix servers (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle). PHP Report Maker can save you tons of time and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

  What's New in PHP Report Maker 8

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What's New

2015/04/13 - PHP Report Maker 8.0.2 released


  • Detail and Summary Report
  • Crosstab Report
  • Dashboard Report
  • JavaScript (HTML 5) Charts
  • Advanced Security
  • Export to HTML/Excel/Word/PDF/Email

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User Comments on

"Very impressive product"
"I want to compliment you on a very substantial, impressive product. I downloaded it this evening and it appears to me that your code generation is the best I have seen in the PHP field."

"This is GREAT software"
"This software is exactly what I have been looking for! I have a 20 yr background in yanking data out of databases. I was having trouble finding anything for mysql databases that was reasonable in cost and would create php scripts in one fell swoop from a database."

"What was going to take me months ended up taking me days - am very happy :)"

"I just want to say what a wonderful program this is..."

"It is very mature and my initial testing has produced excellent results with minimal issues."

"I have only been using it for a few weeks now, but almost every day I find some new feature that adds to my admiration - thank you."

"I have found that over time your company has impressed me tremendously"

"PHPMaker has lived up to the same standard that PHPMaker set, plus it produces the kind of DB web front-end code that almost every web hosting provider in the world services, along with MySQL, at a very low price-point."


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