Third-party Tools

Note All the following tools are not developed by the author of PHP Report Maker and are not part of PHP Report Maker, NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED.

PHP Report Maker uses the following third-party tools in template/extensions:


Note PHPMaker does NOT use and does NOT support any AdminLTE plugins. NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED for implementing any plugins.

Date/Time Picker


Requires DOM, GD and MBString PHP extensions.

Note This extension is EXPERIMENTAL only. There are some known issues of Dompdf, please read the developer website for more information. Known issues includes (but now limited to):
  • Large files can take a while to render
  • Requires a lot of memory
  • Not particularly tolerant to poorly-formed HTML input




Barcode and QRCode
Website: and

PHP Thumb
Supports GIF, JPEG and PNG images only. Requires PHP GD extension.


Note PHP Report Maker uses and supports Google and Facebook providers only. NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED for implementing any other providers.


Additional Extensions (For Registered Users Only)


  1. These extensions are benefits for registered user only, there is NO trial version. Registered users will be provided information to download these extensions.
  2. These extensions are provided for registered users as examples of customizing and extending template only, NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED.
  3. All third-party tools require implementation and will NOT automatically work with PHP Report Maker without these extensions.

FusionCharts XT
Developer Website:
FusionCharts XT is distributed under a special OEM license for PHP Report Maker.


PHP Report Maker does not support all charts in FusionCharts XT, see FusionCharts for supported chart types. Google Charts are used for Candlestick Charts and Gantt Charts.

PHP Report Maker only includes FusionCharts XT, which does NOT include PowerCharts XT, FusionWidgets XT and FusionMaps XT.

PHP Report Maker does NOT support PowerCharts XT, FusionWidgets XT and FusionMaps XT except Candlestick Chart and Gantt Chart.

Important Note When you use PHP Report Maker with a registered license, you may deploy FusionCharts to your websites together with PHP Report Maker generated scripts. However, you may not rent, lease, lend or sublicense FusionCharts. If you use the generated scripts and charts to build your web application as a product for public distribution or commercial sale, you may not re-distribute FusionCharts with your product, you must purchase your own OEM license for your product from the developer of FusionCharts.

Horizontal Menu
Use AdminLTE Top Navigation as horizontal menu.

Use reCAPTCHA to protect sites from spam and abuse. Note that reCAPTCHA is a Web service, it is served directly from reCAPTCHA's servers to the end users, the end users need to be online. To use the service, you must register at the reCAPTCHA Web site and obtain your own public and private keys. Requires PHP extension php_openssl.dll.

Requires PHP extension php_zip (for Excel2007 format), php_xml and php_gd2.

Requires PHP extension php_zip (for Excel2007 format), php_xml and php_gd2.

Time Picker
Timepicker Plugin for jQuery is made available under the open source MIT License.

Scrollable Table
Scrolling table example. Enable X/Y scrolling of the main table in the List page.

Field Visibility
Allow pre-setting the Visible property of field objects for different pages or actions. This extension only sets the Visible property according to settings. Read the notes for the extension for details.


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