ASP.NET Maker 2019 is a major upgrade from v2018. It is loaded with a bunch of new features:

IMPORTANT If you upgrade from previous versions, please note that there are some breaking changes in this version, make sure you read Migrating to v2019 first.


Brand-New Layout with Bootstrap 4 and AdminLTE 3

With Font Awesome 4 (replaces Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons)

Vertical menu with top navbar menu items

All top navbar menu items (vertical menu auto-hidden)

Mobile menu (show menu items from top navbar also)


Navbar Menu Items

  • Allow both vertical menu items and top navbar menu items at the same time
  • Auto-hide vertical menu if all items are top navbar items



Allow CRUD actions for tables (with Advanced Security)


Support SQLite Databases


Import from Excel/CSV


Support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Field Encryption extension (for registered users only) to encrypt selected fields with personal information

  • Consent and privacy page (v2018+)

  • Download and delete personal data page (v2018+)



Paging for Grid-Edit

With Return Page option for going back to List page or Grid-Add/Edit page



Check Table and Field Variable Names

Allow checking variable names so they will be used correctly in server events and client scripts


Date/Time Formats without Seconds

With Date/Time Picker (for all users) and Time Picker (for registered users only) support


New Advanced Settings

  • Database time zone (for SET TIME ZONE)
  • Export field images (for export by iTextSharp/EPPlus)
  • Use Date/Time without seconds
  • Lookup cache count
  • Import records by insert only
  • Import records by transaction
  • Import supported file extensions
  • Import from CSV delimiter
  • Import from CSV quote character
  • Import from CSV EOL
  • Import from CSV SkipLinesBeginning
  • Import from CSV SkipLinesEnd
  • Import from CSV Encoding
  • Import from CSV Culture
  • Encrypt administrator and database user name and password
  • Encryption key for data protection
  • API JWT signing secret key
  • API JWT signing algorithm
  • API JWT authorization header
  • API access time after login (seconds)
  • API expire time after login (seconds)
  • API Access-Control-Allow-Origin header


New Server Events and Client Scripts

  • Server events and client scripts for Add Option page and Detail Grid page
  • Page_Importing
  • Row_Import
  • Page_Imported
  • ApiController_Action



  • Asynchronous programming with async and await
  • Lookup cache to improve lookup field performance in List page
  • Manage user level permissions (partially) by non-admin users (Dynamic User Levels)
  • Improve XSS handling by HtmlSanitizer
  • Optimize synchronizing linked tables with URL connection
  • Show aggregate and detail record count in Master/Detail-View page
  • Support modal links for Preview extension (for registered users only)
  • Short time format (AM/PM) for TimePicker extension (registered users only)
  • Support email address with name like "John Smith<>" (for Email_Sending server event)
  • JsRender, Moment, jQuery File Upload, TimePicker, Mobile-Detect, CKEditor and tinyMCE updated
  • Many other minor improvements



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