Note: ASP.NET Report Maker is a reporting tool, all reports are read-only, data modification is not supported.
  • Supports .NET Core SDK 2.1.1 or newer

  • Supports .NET Core Application 2.1/2.2

  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite and Microsoft Access

  • Generates C# ASP.NET Core MVC application

  • Asynchronous programming with async and await

  • Detail and Summary Report

  • Compact Summary Only View

  • Crosstab Report

  • JavaScript (HTML 5) Charting

    Supports multiple charts for each report (See Chart Setup). Configurable chart properties. Supported chart types:

    • Column 2D Chart
    • Column 3D Chart
    • Bar 2D Chart
    • Bar 3D Chart
    • Pie 2D Chart
    • Pie 3D Chart
    • Line 2D Chart
    • Area 2D Chart
    • Doughnut 2D Chart
    • Doughnut 3D Chart
    • Pareto 2D Chart
    • Pareto 3D Chart
    • Multi-series Column 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Column 3D Chart
    • Multi-series Line 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Area 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Bar 2D Chart
    • Multi-series Bar 3D Chart
    • Multi-series Marimekko Chart
    • Multi-series Zoom Line Chart
    • Stacked Column 2D Chart
    • Stacked Column 3D Chart
    • Stacked Area 2D Chart
    • Stacked Bar 2D Chart
    • Stacked Bar 3D Chart
    • Multi-series 2D Single Y Combination Chart (Column/Line/Area)
    • Multi-series 3D Single Y Combination Chart (Column/Line/Area)
    • Multi-series Column 3D + Line Single Y Axis Chart
    • Stacked Column 2D + Line Single Y Axis Chart
    • Stacked Column 3D + Line Single Y Axis Chart
    • Multi-series 2D Dual Y Combination Chart (Column/Line/Area)
    • Multi-series Column 3D + Line Dual Y Axis Chart
    • Stacked Column 3D + Line Dual Y Axis Chart
    • Multi-series Zoom Line Dual Y Axis Chart
    • Candlestick Chart
    • Scroll charts
    • Grid Component
    • Candlestick Chart
    • Gantt Chart

    Note The trial version of ASP.NET Report Maker only includes trial version of FusionCharts, which does not have any feature or time restriction, but it includes a link to the developer's website in the charts.
  • Advanced Chart Properties

  • Drill Down Reports and Charts

  • Dashboard Report

  • Responsive Layout with Bootstrap

    Vertical menu with top navbar menu items

    All top navbar menu items (vertical menu auto-hidden)

  • Mobile Menu (show menu items from top navbar also)

  • Bootstrap and AdminLTE settings

  • Toolbar and Vector Icons with Tooltip

  • View Formatting for Fields (See Field Setup)

  • Grouping Intervals (See Field Setup)

    Detail and Summary Report
    Numeric field Text field Datetime field
    Crosstab Report
    Datetime field (for Column Headings)

    (with optional year filter for "Quarter" and "Month")

  • Optional Excel-style Ajax Popup Filter

  • Relative filter for datetime fields

    Relative Days Relative Day Periods Relative Weeks


    Relative Months Relative Years Past/Future

  • Extended Filters with Validation and Default Value

  • Collapsible extended filter panel above the report.

    Display the extended filter as a text box, combobox, listbox, checkboxes or radio buttons with default value as the default filter of the report.

    Ajax Auto-Suggest (with "More")

    Dynamic Selection List (parent/child selection lists)

    Search comma separated values with checkboxes or select-multiple selection list

    If the field is a date field, you can use textbox with optional popup calendar, or you can choose to display the filter as a combobox of year/quarter/month/day.

    Extended Filters also support relative filters for datetime fields like popup filters.

  • Modal Lookup Dialog for Extended Filters with support of searching and paging.

  • Optional Summary at Various Levels
    • Grouping level summary
    • Page Summary
    • Grand Summary

  • Optional Advanced Security (User ID and User Level) (See Security Settings)

  • Optional HTML Settings with Preview (See HTML Settings)

  • Menu Editor


  • Create, Alter and Drop Views

  • Server Events and Client Scripts

  • Custom Files

  • Export to HTML/Word/Excel/Email/PDF

    Supports exporting report to PDF with charts as images.

    Supports exporting report to native Excel file (.xlsx) with charts as images.

  • Export Options as Button Dropdown

    Buttons with icon and tooltip
    Button dropdown

  • Custom Template


  • Locale files
    • Locale files for 70 languages
    • Locale settings with date and time separators, date format and time zone by language
    • Locale file editor

  • Custom View Tags
    • Barcode
    • QR Code
    • Google Map

  • Colorbox

  • Linked Tables from Multiple Databases


  • Custom Fields


  • Dropdown Selection Lists

    Multi-column Radio button list
    Multi-column Checkbox list
    Selection list (select-one) / Single column radio button list

    Selection list (select-multiple) / Single column checkbox list


  • Option Template for Dropdown Selection Lists


  • Session Keep Alive and Session Timeout


  • Simplified Client Side Events and "fields" jQuery Plugin

  • Field Visibility Extension (for registered users only) for setting Visible property of field object


  • Generate Report by HTTP GET/POST

    Allow generating URL for accessing reports to save them on server or send them by email.


  • Auto Update to Latest Template (for registered users only)


  • Optional CAPTCHA for Login Page (reCAPTCHA extension for registered users only)
  • Optional Google Sign-In and Facebook Login

  • Custom Edit Tags (for Extended Filters)

  • Google Maps - MarkerClusterer

  • Project Versioning

  • Auto-Render Template

    Customize menu, language selector, navbar menu items... anywhere in the layout with your own JsRender templates.

  • Scrolling Table Extension (for registered users only)

  • Support General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    • Field Encryption extension (for registered users only) to encrypt selected fields with personal information
    • Consent and privacy page

    • Download and delete personal data page

  • Check Table and Field Variable Names


  • Date picker and timer picker (Time picker extension for registered users only)

  • Supports Sass - Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets

  • Import/Export of Theme Settings

  • Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, Access

  • Various options (See ASP.NET Settings)

  • Simple Windows/LDAP Authentication

  • Saving and restoring project from Project File

  • Synchronize project settings with changes in database

  • CSS stylesheet

  • User selectable page size

  • Table-specific page options

  • Dynamic table loading

  • Auto-login

  • Multi-Language project

  • Multi-Language Property Editor

  • BLOB field as image in report

  • Code repository

  • Hashed and case-sensitive password

  • Visual query builder

  • Customizable template

  • Testing with HTTp.sys web server

  • XSS removal

  • Compatibility with ASP.NET Maker



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