Q.What is the system requirements to run DB AppMaker?
A. Please read the system requirements section in the download page.

Q.Does DB AppMaker support creating mobile app for Android?
A. Yes.

Q.Does DB AppMaker support creating mobile app fo iOS?
A. Yes. Note that a Mac computer with Xcode installed is required.

Q.Does DB AppMaker support updating data to database?
A. No. DB AppMaker is designed mainly for creating mobile apps utilizing data from your database, currently CRUD with database is not supported.

Q.Do you provide technical support for third-party tools?
A. No, all third-party tools are not supported.

Q.What is your scope of technical support?
A. Please read the note about our support.

Q.What is your upgrade policy?
A. Please read our Upgrade Policy.

Q.I use Windows Vista (or later), I cannot register with the provided license key.
A. Right click DbAppMaker.exe or the shortcut and select Run as administrator to open DB AppMaker.

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