Custom Files

Custom Files enables you to add your own files to the project. Basically, a custom file is a blank page with the layout of the project for you to add your own content so it will have a consistent look and feel like other generated files.

How to Use

To create a Custom File, simply right click the database pane or click Edit in the main menu, then select Add File, the following form will show:

The properties are as follows:

File Name

Alphanumerical file name without extension.


  1. Do NOT start with digits.
  2. Do not include file path.
  3. File name is case-sensitive. Make sure you enter the file name in correct lettercase.
  4. The file name cannot be same as any existing table or view name.
Caption The caption of the page. This is similar to table caption for a table and will be shown up in the menu and in the title of the page.

After entering above properties, click OK button to save. The Custom File will show up in the database pane under the Custom Files node:

To edit the Custom File properties, right click the Custom File in the database pane and select Edit File.

To delete a Custom File, right click the Custom File in the database pane and select Delete File.

To enter content for the file, select the Custom File in the database pane , then select the Code tab in the right pane.

Scroll down the treeview or collapse the TypeScript node, select the HTML -> Table-Specific -> *.html -> Content node, then you can enter or paste your content in the editor:

Then just save your project, generate, build and run the app as usual.


Example - Add a Card in the page to show some news.

        DB AppMaker 4.0 Released
        DB AppMaker is a powerful automation tool...

The result:

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