Q.What is the system requirements to run PHPMaker?
A. Please read the system requirements section in the download page.

Q.Add/Edit/Delete/Update pages are not generated.
A. Make sure you have primary key for the table. If you add primary keys after creating your project, click Tools->Synchronize to update your project, then go to Table Setup page, re-enable Add/Copy/Edit/Delete/Update for the table and generate scripts again.

Q.I cannot connect to my remote MySQL database.
A. Your MySQL server may not support remote conenction via TCP/IP, you can however upload the provided script for remote connection. Please read "Tutorial - Connecting Remote MySQL using PHPMaker Connection Script" in the help file.

Q.I cannot register with the provided license key.
A. Right click PHPMaker.exe or the shortcut and select Run as administrator to open PHPMaker.

Q.Can I integrate projects of PHPMaker and PHP Report Maker?
A. Yes. Please read Tutorial - Integrating with PHP Report Maker Project.

Q.Do you provide technical support for third-party tools?
A. No. Please read Third-Party Tools.

Q.What is your upgrade policy?
A. Please read our Upgrade Policy.

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